Copley Society of Art:  MGH Illuminations



Wonder II  Oil on Canvas 30 x 40 x 1.5   Skaket, Orleans


The Copley Society of Art, in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, has mounted MGH: Illuminations, a four-month rotating exhibition

at Mass General's Yawkee Cancer Center.  The exhibition, featuring the works of seven Copley artists whose works "serve as uplifting visuals

for patients of the Cancer Center" runs through September, 2015. 




The MGH Illuminations committee chose four paintings from this artist for the exhibiton, including Wonder II, above.


The artists and individual works were chosen by a committee at Mass General Hospital.  Other Copley artists featured in the exhibition include

Hilary Baldwin, William Burnham, Ronalee Crocker, Abby Lammers, Elizabeth Lazeren and Alix Porras.


For more information on this exhibition, or other works or commissions available through CoSo, visit the gallery online at,

or call the Copley Society at 617.546.5049.   








Copley Society of Art

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